Arabian, Islam M. Ibn Siren

(Accoucheuse) In a dream, a midwife means revealing hidden secrets that when unveiled, they will cause injuries or death. Seeing a midwife in a dream also denotes good advice. Seeing her in a dream also indicates walking through adversities, reachingpeace, initiating fascination, or she could represent trials, evil, crying, or paying a fine. (Also see Dromedary rider)…


American, Unitarianism G. H. Miller

Dreaming of trousers, foretells that you will be tempted to dishonorable deeds. If you put them on wrong side out, you will find that a fascination is fastening its hold upon you….


American, Unitarianism E. Mis

When you dream of seeing a blanket in your dream it symbolizes fascination, safety and reliability. The blanket is a symbol of something you can cover up yourself and hide from unpleasant experience. Try to concentrate and find out what in the reality you are hiding from. Maybe you…


American, Unitarianism E. Mis

When you dream of Basil ir represents the love, fascination, affection and sensitivity. The dream symbolizes pure feelings and kindness. You will be completed with good emotions, so try to nourish these days as good feelings leve only magnificent affection….